Online dating is about to get SOCIAL provides a fun new way for singles to meet.

Passively searching through a singles catalog is so 1998! The web is social now and so is Online dating is about to become fun, social and interactive!

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How is different is different from all the other online dating websites out there because of one major reason: its interaction model is focused on the social rather than the superficial. Its philosophy is that meeting someone new is a social activity rather than a superficial one. Instead of showing you pictures of singles we show you comments they have posted that are reflective of who they are. When entering our “meet our members” page you are confronted with a whole bunch of comments that our members have posted. You can click the refresh button and you will see even more comments. It’s not until you respond to a comment that identifies with you or appeals to you that you get to see who posted it.

Once you have responded to a member’s comment you’re able to visit their profile page and see all the other comments they have made. If any more comments appeal to you you can respond to them. They will be notified when you respond to them and they’ll be able to visit your page then. If they identify with your comments they can respond to them as well. Once you find yourselves mutually responding to one another it’s because you’ve made a “chat match”, hence the name of our website wasn’t just trying to be cool by choosing to create a dating website around the “social” 2.0 model. We adopted the “social” model in an effort to help singles overcome the bad habits they have learned as a result of the habits they have learned from using objectifying catalog style online dating websites. These catalog style dating websites deceive singles into believing that the search for a life partner can be equated to a shopping experience. Over the years they have provoked singles to become increasingly superficial and materialistic in their search for love. All of this results from using search tools that make materialistic characteristics a priority in that search. These dating websites unintentionally train users to think that way. In the same way that these applications trained their users to build bad habits we will hope to train our users to build the good habit of prioritizing the who rather than the what; who someone is rather than what they appear to be.

The process of finding your mate and of creating a relationship has never been easy, and it certainly cannot be equated to a shopping experience: a Star Wars figuring doesn’t talk back but your girlfriend does. It is our goal to restore a more natural meeting experience for singles by creating a more social, more inviting and interactive environment for singles to meet one another. We also make available a Guide to Romantic Love based on the traditions of the original romantic culture. In this guide you will learn a lot of things about the romantic culture (the basis of “Western” culture) and you will learn insightful ways in which you can begin to develop your romantic character as well as build romantic relationships based on real love not materialism.

At our goal is very different. It’s to help you find genuine love by fostering an environment that promotes social interaction, friendship, and truly romantic values, all of these being essential ingredients to creating real love in your life.

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Unfortunately as a result of Google’s latest changes to their search results algorithm it’s become incredibly difficult for new websites to show up on search results. This is especially the case for dating websites due to the profitability of the industry and the deep pockets of their marketing departments.

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The challenge is in that Google’s algorithm not only gives priority to older websites, but also to websites with gobs of original content (think lengthy articles or blogs) that have been widely shared or linked by users throughout the internet. As a result when you search something like “dating websites” the only results you’ll find will be from the most profitable top dating websites and then article after article (relating to online dating websites) from top online publications. So unless you’re a major player there’s no way to compete with the army of blog writers and link sharing campaigns perpetrated by online dating website profit machines and ad-money hungry news sites all trying to cash in on that sweet “online dating” money. They know that there are people out there who are desperate or frustrated with their love lives and they’re exploiting that and trying to cash in on it selling memberships or trying to drive up traffic to increase exposure to ads in their articles.

So if you like this concept, if you believe in our mission, please let others know. The site is in its final stages already. We also plan to launch a version of in the UK and Mexico, each with their own unique name (URL). Businesses that grow as a result of word of mouth are better businesses for it. When a business grows for this reason it’s because it’s a business that provides something that truly is needed by people and if it is enabled to grow by your effort rather than investor dollars, then it owes its success and its loyalty to you – it remains loyal to you, the customer, not to greedy investors. This is the way it should be since after all a business exists to satisfy the needs of its customers not of the needs of an investment portfolio. Once a business begins to be loyal to the demands of an investment portfolio and ceases to be useful and relevant to its customers then its days are numbered. We don’t want to end up one of those. So if you like us, then like us on Facebook or spread the word on Tumbler or Twitter. Thanks!


WHO WE ARE was created by Ariana González Hernández. It’s a dating website created to be the “romantic answer” to what has become a culture of meat market online dating websites. is different as a result of being inspired by the romantic culture. Little do people know that the culture of romantic love is actually centered on friendship, courtship but also learning about yourself and one another in the process of finding love. It’s not about entering into relationships that are merely driven by the exchange of mutual material benefit (whether that be finding sex or financial security). That is to say the sort of relationships promoted by today’s online dating websites. People’s disappointment with today’s online dating websites effectively boils down to the fact that they’re not natural, they’re cynical – they’re not romantic. Romantic love is a true, healthy and natural form of love and courtship. And that’s the sort of love is here to promote and to stand behind.

Ariana is Latin American and is a product of classical romantic culture herself. She is a proponent of romantic culture and is a proponent of a return to true Occidental (“Western”) culture values. She shares her knowledge of the romantic culture in a free PDF eBook

Romantic Guide

A Guide to Romantic Love

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This guide is as enlightening as it is instructive and practical. It will make you see the world and the people around you in a way that you have never seen them before, and it will help you to grow in your own character and sense of individuality as much as it will help you to grow in your ability to develop truly romantic relationships in your life. It’s a must-read for any Westerner or anyone interested in Western culture and its many benefits.

This free PDF eBook guide on romantic love is about 280 pages and is divided up into three parts.
Since romantic love is a product of romantic culture you will not only learn about developing romantic relationships you will learn about the Romantic culture which yielded this very form of relationship.
In the first part of this guide you will be reintroduced to Western (aka romantic) culture in such a way that you will come to understand it and appreciate it like never before. The most important thing that you will come to appreciate about this culture is the concept of romantic love that is born out of the good values of this culture.

The second part of this guide will deal with developing a romantic character by way of practicing 5 common behaviors you probably never knew could be romantic behaviors. These are called the “ethics of the romantic character”. Again you will learn the true meaning and purpose behind these five ethics and you will learn new ways in which to practice them in order to come to develop a character that will be considered by most as “romantic”.

The last part of this guide covers the traditions of the Romantic culture as they relate to the steps taken to develop a romantic relationship and also as they relate to situations or experiences that you might have during courtship or in the process of forming your relationship.

This guide is the product of 4 years of research and writing. As the writer I am myself a product of classical Western culture and thus have unique expertise and insight into this culture and its workings. I explain in simple terms the foundations behind Western culture and I seek to transmit an appreciation and adoption of the culture as it was passed down to me when I was growing up. I have written a book that is simple and insightful but that most of all showcases the beauty and enlightenment that is the product of true Western, or as I call it romantic, culture.

Diversity Speaker is a dating website is a minority owned business. It was created by me, a Hispanic woman and it results from my uniquely Latino view on the world. Online dating website present their own challenges in the same way that modern dating do. The “white man” by way of his “white culture” has come up with solutions that have failed to help users find answers. So we tried the white way now it’s time to try a different way. And a different way is only possible by looking at the same problem through a different cultural perspective. Not just a different personal perspective, because the naturally limited perspective of the individual can be wrong, but a different cultural, collectively put together [throughout the ages] perspective. That perspective is what enabled the concept of, a wholly different concept and model for the challenge of online dating.

This different cultural perspective can also bring your employees a whole different view on issues like racism and sexism. Growing up in an educated family in Latin America I was sheltered from ideas like racism and even sexism. It wasn’t until I came to the US that I came to be introduced to these horrific concepts. I was able to see where the arguments if both sides went wrong and how ignorance came to breed these “race Wars”. I talk about these destructive concepts of race and sex in my book about romantic love and I offer insightful answers to these issues that cause these issues to be annihilated from ones convince altogether. It’s because these concepts have no credit and don’t exist in our culture that we don’t struggle with them. Poverty and ignorance are issues for us like they are anywhere else in the world but not these social injustice issues.

I am available to tailor programs or speaking engagements for your team’s. My focus is the “engineer-minded” audience. I know how to speak to them. Not just because my own father was one of “those nerds” and I come from “nerd stock” but because I teach my lessons on these social issues by way of the traditional classical Latin culture, a culture that like the Greek culture is based on reasoning and concrete arguments, and above all arguments that are insightful and promote real intellectual, and ultimately also moral, progress. I’m not just some passively angry “minority” who’s coming today lecture your nerds on their bad behavior. I have no hate towards the white man. The white man is just another gringo that must be taught out of his gringo ways.

Let me help your team overcome the plague of discrimination and its controversies, let’s make progress, let’s talk.

I’m interested in having your founder speak to my team about diversity issues.

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