Online dating is about to get SOCIAL provides a fun new way for singles to meet.

Passively searching through a singles catalog is so 1998! The web is social now and so is Online dating is about to become fun, social and interactive!

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How it works

How is different

On our members meet socially not superficially. On this dating website singles meet by socially interacting with others as opposed to passively contacting the members with the cutest pictures.

Our very different approach to online dating is inspired by the romantic tradition where romantic relationships form out of friendships and out of a culture that is truly social and genuinely interactive. Our dating website was not created for the pursuit of profit or to provide a venue for hedonism as is the case with all the other dating websites out there.

Our dating website is different from others because instead of being just a platform for available singles, it is a community that comes to exist by way of the genuine contributions of our members; merely provides the platform upon which this community will form – the concept of community itself originally came from the romantic culture that inspired the creation of this dating website.

Our goal is to undo the damage created by these opportunistic dating websites, which have destroyed the dynamic of romantic love as a result of their self-serving mission and the methods by which they carry out their mission, creating platforms that provoke people to interact in ways that pervert the way in which they come to see each other. By way of their methods these dating websites have trained singles to become superficial and exploitative towards each other without even knowing it. We must keep in mind that websites are tools and tools that we use repetitively will eventually come to shape us, physically or mentally. In the case of the latter these tools cause us to form bad habits that come to change how we operate and ultimately even change our perspective of the world as well as our values. Just as we must be careful to use tools that are not damaging to our bodies over time we must also be careful to not use tools that are damaging to our minds: damaging to us psychologically, emotionally and damaging to our relationships with others. At we want people to develop positive habits as they relate to their social interactions, especially their romantic ones. That is why our platform is geared with that purpose in mind. Namely we want people to refocus again on primarily placing value on who someone is and not what they appear to be.

How it works

Meeting someone new should be a social activity not a superficial one. Instead of showing you pictures of singles we show you comments they have posted that are reflective of who they are. When entering our “meet our members” page you are confronted with the comments of our members, not with their pictures. By clicking the “see more comments” button a whole new set of comments by a variety of members will appear. It’s not until you have responded to a comment that you are able to see the picture of who posted it. By way of this method we hope to help to retrain singles to allow themselves to be attracted by way of what they have in common with someone as opposed to immediately focusing on the superficial side of someone. Our search filters also provide the most minimal and essential search criteria in order to help users remain focused on people’s content, as opposed to their material characteristics; “race” not being one of our search criteria since the romantic culture does not subscribe to the theory of the races nor to the notion of races.

Once you have responded to a member’s comment you’re able to visit their profile page and see all the other comments they have made. If any more comments appeal to you then you can respond to them. They will be notified when you respond to them however they will not be able to respond to your response. Instead they’ll visit your page and if they identify with any of your comments they can respond to them as well. Once you find yourselves mutually responding to one another you’ll know you’ve made a “chat match”, hence the name of our website chat match me. isn’t jumping on the “social website” bandwagon just to be trendy. We adopted the “social” model in an effort to help singles overcome the bad habit of pursuing love superficially and materialistically, which has been greatly reinforced by modern dating websites using objectifying catalog-style platforms. These catalog-style dating websites deceive singles into believing that the search for a life partner can be equated to a shopping experience. Something which has over the years provoked singles to become increasingly superficial and materialistic in their search for love. All of this results from using search tools and interfaces that make materialistic characteristics a priority. In the same way that these web applications have trained their users to build bad habits, we hope to train our users to build good habits, this time by prioritizing who someone is as opposed to what they appear to be.

Our purpose

The process of finding your mate and of creating a relationship has never been easy, and it certainly cannot be equated to a shopping experience. It is our goal to restore a more natural meeting experience for singles by creating a more social, more inviting and more interactive environment for singles to meet one another. We also make available to our members, as well as to the public, our Guide to Romantic Love free in PDF format and for purchase in print format. This guide provides a wealth of information about the romantic culture, which gave us the romantic relationship, and provides you with insightful ways through which you can begin to develop your romantic character in order to build romantic relationships based on real love. is a dating website with a very different goal. Our goal is to help you find genuine love in your life by fostering an environment that promotes social interaction, friendship, and truly romantic values, all of which are essential for creating real love and truly romantic relationships in your life.

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Unfortunately as a result of Google’s latest changes to their search results algorithm it’s become incredibly difficult for new websites to show up on search results. This is especially the case for dating websites due to the profitability of the industry and the deep pockets of their marketing departments.

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Unfortunately, as a result of Google’s latest changes to their search results algorithm it’s become incredibly difficult for new websites to show up on search results despite their best SEO efforts. Priority has now been given to the most longstanding and popular sites on the web giving the upper hand to well-established corporation or media outlets with wide public reach. They are given priority above all others now. Social media shares and seniority now determine who gets seen and who doesn’t on Google, which leaves small, new, unknown companies at a disadvantage. While there is in place a whole marketing campaign for our launch, we also realize that it will be an uphill battle in this new environment and so we need your help!

Dating websites are at a particular disadvantage given that dating websites are an essential staple in the life of many, causing them to be the kind of website that is in high-demand and thus high traffic. Dating website are consequently very profitable, enabling well-funded marketing campaigns to pay millions in advertising and blog content creation (for SEO purposes) as well as social media share campaigns. Unlike these competitors is a solo venture: no big marketing budgets and investors here. While there are disadvantages to being small and independent this also gives us the advantage of making us truly independent, affording us the freedom to be disruptive of the “distruptors” who have ruined the dating scene altogether; it’s given us the freedom to be truly innovative and different as a consequence of being free to be inspired and be directed by our values as opposed to being driven by the guarantee for profit and phony mission statements.

Businesses that grow as a result of word of mouth are better businesses for it

When a business grows by word of mouth, rather than as a result of investor dollars and marketing campaigns, the business comes to owe its success and commit its loyalty to you, the customer, and not to the greedy investors that enable the website’s existence – as with anything loyalty goes to the hand that feeds it.

Theoretically a business exists to satisfy the needs of its customers, not the needs of an investor since he is not the customer. A business cannot help but be loyal to those who sustain it, however, so when a business is built and sustained by investors, as opposed to customers, it is inevitably shaped by the [profit] needs of the investors as opposed to the real needs of the customers, which is the case with many of today’s websites. This effectively perverts the company’s business model and services, since these become geared to serving the needs of the investors as opposed to the customers.

We don’t want to fall prey to the demands of investors. We want to remain loyal to our mission and to you the customer, and so to help us achieve this help us spread the word!  


WHO WE ARE was created by Ariana González Hernández, writer of A Guide to Romantic Love. is a dating website created to be the “romantic answer” to what has become an environment of meat-market online dating websites. is based out of Seattle, WA and is owned and run by its creator Ariana González Hernández. was inspired by the romantic tradition which gave us the romantic relationship, a type of relationship that is borne of what we in the culture call fraternity, that being genuine social interaction and friendship. Little do people know that real romantic love is actually centered on friendship and courtship, as opposed to “dating”. Romantic love is not about entering into relationships that are merely driven by the exchange of mutual material benefit (whether that be finding sex or financial security) – that is to say the kind of relationships that are promoted by today’s online dating websites.

People’s disappointment with today’s online dating websites and today’s cynical dating scene reflects on the unnaturally materialistic relationship environment we now find ourselves in: these materialistic relationships are ultimately not natural – they’re not romantic. Romantic love is a true, healthy and natural form of love that is conducive to equally healthy and satisfying courtship and relationships. It is this sort of interaction and relationships which is here to promote and to enable by way of the socially-interactive platform and the resource we make available to our users.

Ariana is from Guadalajara, Mexico, one of the country’s most traditionally romantic and Hispanic cities. Mexico is a nation that has traditionally been one of the romantic culture’s greatest proponents and contributors. She is a proponent of romantic culture and is a proponent of a return to its traditions and values:, a pro-romantic culture campaign, can be found on and on She shares her knowledge of the romantic culture and of romantic relationships in a free PDF eBook, A Guide to Romantic Love.

Romantic Guide

A Guide to Romantic Love

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“A Guide to Romantic Love is as enlightening as it is instructive and practical. It will make you see the world and the people around you in a way that you have never seen them before, and it will help you to grow in your own character and sense of individuality as much as it will help you to grow in your ability to develop truly romantic relationships in your life.”

This guide on romantic love is about 420 pages and is divided into three parts.

Since romantic love is a product of a romantic culture you will first learn about the romantic culture, which yielded this very form of relationship.

In the first part of this guide you will be introduced to the romantic culture (also the basis for “Western” culture) in such a way that you will come to understand its history and its present state, and will come to appreciate its perspectives and values, which ultimately are what give way to its unique form of this man-woman relationship, which we call the romantic relationship.

The second part of this guide will deal with the development of a romantic character by way of practicing 5 common behaviors you probably never knew could be romantic behaviors. These are referred to as the ethics of the romantic character. In this section you will learn the true origin and meaning of these ethics and you will learn how to practice them in such a way as to be conducive to developing a character that will be interpreted as romantic by others.

The last part of this guide covers the traditions of the romantic culture as they relate to the steps taken during courtship in order to develop a romantic relationship. This section also explores other issues or situations that are relevant to the courtship process or to the development of relationships.

This guide is the product of 4 years of research and work and is borne from the writer’s own personal experience growing up in it. The writer has also lived in the US for many years allowing her to understand the American perspective, enabling her to properly convey this culture to an American audience.

The romantic culture is a culture, that like many others, has been passed down from one generation to the next. Its traditions and its values form the foundation for one’s character, one’s identity and their relationships, and for many hundreds of years this culture did work to help people achieve great success with these things. This culture is now made available to all, in accordance with its original intention and purpose.

Diversity Speaker is a dating website created and owned by Ariana, a Hispanic woman. It is a dating website that results from her expertise in the romantic culture, a culture which notably does not recognize the notion of “races” nor does it condone the usage of such a theory; it is a culture that acknowledges that there is only one human race in this world.

There is no unity in diversity

The word diversity itself comes from divert, divert meaning to take a different course, to separate from another; the Greek “di-” which forms the basis for these words itself means to divide or separate. And we cannot be unified by way of separation or division – such a notion is an absolute contradiction and because of this any effort directed by such a false notion will obviously fail to bring unity. As a “Diversity speaker” I will not speak to you about diversity, but about real unity and how to achieve it.

In the present day it seems as if the “white man” by way of his white ways has once again come up with solutions to problems created by his ancestor. I say “again” because the “white man” created liberalism 200 years ago as an answer to the inequities created by his forefather’s feudalism. Unfortunately, this liberalism would lead to problems and inequities of its own, which a whole new generation of liberals now claim they have the answer for. These answers much like previous answers have once again led to a whole new set of problems, among them the continuation of “racism” in a different form this time, as well as intense political division and bouts of outrageous violence, particularly among “white males”. If the “white man” continues on this course these problems will not improve, they will only get worse, provoking further social conflict and eventually disrupting the function of organizations.

It’s time for a different approach

Only a different way of doing things will yield truly different results, those results being a real solution to the problems which the liberal has always sought answers for.

A different way is only possible when you look at the problem through a different perspective, not a “white” perspective, which has only ever yielded more conflict and problems. This different perspective proposed is the product of a culture that is classical, that is not the product of any one “race”, and its narrow views, because it is instead a culture born of the language of truth, the scientific languages of Greek and Latin, themselves part of a long and even older cultural tradition.

This different perspective brought about an innovative and useful new dating website model that directly answers to the problems created by the “white man’s” dating websites while also directly addressing the need for this innovation to be fun and more engaging for users when compared to present models. This culture can also bring about real and different solutions to the tired old problems of racism and sexism.


I’m interested in having your founder speak to my team about diversity issues.

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However, before any solution can be proposed and implemented, those seeking the solution must first admit and accept that they don’t possess the solution for the problem, and so based on that they must commit to accepting what solution does exist and implementing it even if it’s not of their own design. Otherwise if they don’t accept this they will not be able to accept and properly implement the problem no matter how good it may be.

These “diversity” talks are not structured in the typical politically-correct manner, which is understandably irritating to the engineer’s intellect. They are instead conversational and intellectually-stimulating, promoting intellectual growth, enlightenment and real moral progress, all which work to address these persistent problems once a for all.

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